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Best 10 Inflatable Paddleboards

As Of May 2022

Embrace your inner explorer and satisfy that lust for adventure! An inflatable stand-up paddleboard is a great way to take to the water without spending a fortune. Bag it, inflate it, and use it - simple! The world is your oyster with the right inflatable paddleboard by your side! From fitness and adventure to enlightenment and self-discovery – an inflatable SUP will take you there with time to spare.
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1 FAYEAN Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard on white background

FAYEAN Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Value For Money
4.7 /5

$ 459.99 $ 338.59
Save $ 121.40 with these Top Deals

  • Bring it with you on any adventure with the included carrying bag
  • Stay afloat without sinking thanks to the thickened paddleboard
  • Maintain your balance with its EVA foot pad
  • Jump in the water in under 5 minutes with the handy pump for inflating
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1 FBSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board on white background

FBSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Carbon Shaft Paddle
4.7 /5

Best Overall

  • Choose 1 of 14 vibrant & eye-catching designs to match your personality
  • Have maximum balance while standing up thanks to its widened shape
  • Carry it hassle-free from the beach to the water as it's lightweight
  • Save money & stay organized as it comes with all needed accessories
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2 BRIGHT BLUE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board on white background

BRIGHT BLUE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Different Color Options
4.6 /5

Top Pick for Wide Shape

  • Transport it comfortably anywhere with the included shoulder strapped bag
  • Built to withstand wear & tear thanks to the robust PVC materials
  • Inflate & jump in the water in no time with the handy pump
  • Have peace of mind for repair costs as it comes with a 1-year warranty
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3 Freein Inflatable Paddle Board on white background

Freein Inflatable Paddle Board

Military Grade Exterior
4.5 /5

Best for Storage Space

  • Camera mount to capture every adrenaline moment
  • Doubles as a kayak with the D-ring for attaching kayak seat
  • Keep your personal belongings on board in the 4 zones that offer ample storage space
  • Lightweight but stiff with military-grade material for durability
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4 Goosehill Stand Up Paddle Board on white background

Goosehill Stand Up Paddle Board

Very Stable
4.5 /5

Ideal for High Capacity

  • Customise paddle board to meet your personal taste & brand
  • Safety leash to attach to your leg for maximum safety in the water
  • Large weight capacity that can hold up to 200 kgs of weight
  • Durable with a repair kit & 3-year quality service
5 Xylove Stand Up Paddle Board on white background

Xylove Stand Up Paddle Board

EVA Foam Pad
4.4 /5

Best for Safety Features

  • Sure-lock valve provides fast inflation & deflation with no leaks
  • Long paddle with a high weight capacity of 150 kgs
  • It comes with a backpack for storing paddle board & accessories after use
  • Store your items safely with the cargo bungee
6 Fayean Inflatable Paddle Board on white background

Fayean Inflatable Paddle Board

4.4 /5

Top pick for Beginners

  • Safe storage when not in use with the waterproof case
  • Includes a hand pump to inflate paddleboard & other items
  • Inbuilt cargo areas with bungee straps to hold your belongings securely
  • Lightweight with an inbuilt handle to take it anywhere with you
7 Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Paddle Boards on white background

Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Paddle Boards

Military-grade Quality
4.3 /5

Top Choice for All in One Set

  • Accessorised with pressure gauge, hand pump, paddle & travel bag
  • Comfortable for hours in the water with 2 paddling boards & a cosy kayak seat with a backrest
  • Strong & durable stainless steel handle for effortless carrying
  • Surf without feeling like you’ll fall thanks to its non-slip traction mat
8 ROC Inflatable Paddle Boards on white background

ROC Inflatable Paddle Boards

Adjustable Paddle
4.3 /5

Ideal for Durability

  • Versatile board to use when fishing, paddling or touring on any water type
  • Extra stability courtesy of its side fins & removable main fin
  • Durable with military-grade PVC material & UV resistant exterior coating
  • Comes ready to use with a hand pump & waterproof storage bag
9 Aqua Plus Inflatable Paddle Board on white background

Aqua Plus Inflatable Paddle Board

Fast Inflation Pump
4.3 /5

Most Budget-friendly

  • Bring your personal items with you in the inbuilt turnbuckles at the front
  • Convenient carrying with the shoulder strap & added travel backpack
  • Lightweight & inflatable design for seamless portability
  • Adjustable paddle up to 208cm to match your needs
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10 Minetom Stand Up Paddle Board on white background

Minetom Stand Up Paddle Board

Wheel Carrying Backpack
4.2 /5

Top Choice for Versatility

  • Master your balance thanks to its wide design for extra stability
  • Less slippery & comfier when you do slip with its improved anti-skid & soft top design
  • Navigate the waters with ease due to its premium paddling manoeuvrability
  • No just for paddling but also for yoga, surfing & even fishing

Make a Splash with an Inflatable Paddleboard!

If you have a thirst for adventure and exploration, stand-up paddleboarding is a wonderful way to follow your passion. Perhaps you want to improve your fitness? Or, maybe you simply want to become more mindful? From tranquil yoga in the ocean to adrenaline-fuelled wave riding in the rapids, there’s a paddleboard to suit your needs.

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs) are extremely versatile. Depending on what type of inflatable SUP you get, you can surfrace, or cruise along that lake, ocean, or river. Unlike solid SUPs, inflatable stand-up paddleboards can take you from land to water in a matter of minutes. But which iSUP is best for you?

Why Give Inflatable Paddleboards A Chance?

If you want a highly portable paddleboard, iSUPs are an excellent option. Take it to the beach, to the lake, or on that long hike to a remote location! Inflatable SUPs are lightweight and easily roll up into a backpack or sports bag. Because you can quickly inflate and deflate them, they won’t take up lots of storage space either. Perfect for long trips by foot, or for carrying on public transportation where space is limited. Take it on a plane, bus, car or bike!

You’d think that lightweight would mean less stable. However, good quality inflatable paddleboards are made from tough layered PVC which can endure both salt and freshwater environments. The strong drop-stitched and air-filled core provide a solid and rigid platform suitable for a wide range of water-based activities. So, you get the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice convenience or quality.

What Types Of Inflatable Paddleboards Suit You?

There are three main categories of inflatable paddleboards that you should consider buying:

  • Short iSUP (10ft & Below). Due to their small size, short iSUPs are much more maneuverable than longer paddleboards. Their wide and flat planing hull make them ideal for surfing, white water rafting, and leisurely paddling. If you’re buying an iSUP for a child, you’ll need something 8ft or smaller.
  • Medium iSUP (10ft to 12ft). These all-round paddleboards are brilliant for practicing yoga or touring close to the coast. Most medium iSUPs have wide planing hulls but occasionally you’ll find an all-round paddleboard with a narrower displacement-hull. Medium iSUPs are one of the most common types on the market due to their versatility and convenient size.
  • Long iSUP (12'6" & Above). Similar in style to a kayak, the narrow displacement-hull and pointed nose of a long paddleboard allows it to glide through the water and cut through chop with minimal resistance. The shape and size of this iSUP makes it ideal for fitness, racing, and long-distance touring. Long iSUPs are faster and generally track straighter than short and medium paddleboards.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Inflatable Paddleboard?

If you’re new to paddleboarding, choosing the right inflatable SUP can be a little daunting. There are so many different types of inflatable paddleboards available, each with something different to offer. When trying to narrow down your decision, try to consider what activity you’re going to use it for. Do you need something fast, or is maneuverability more important? Are you paddling solo, or do you plan on taking a passenger? How long will you be out on the water? Do you want an all-rounder or something more specialized?

Most inflatable paddleboards come with everything you need to get started on the water. They are much more lightweight than a solid SUP and take up much less storage space. Due to their tough construction, they can handle a high PSI which helps make them rigid enough to stand on, practice yoga or cope with long tours. Because you can control the air, you can customize the feel of the board to suit the activity – something that’s unique to inflatable SUPs. In the event you slip and fall, that inflatable surface is slightly more cushioned than a solid board too, making it the safer and more comfortable option.

Worried about choppy water? Fear not! Made from durable PVC, iSUPs can handle even the toughest of conditions. Depending on the size and load capacity, an inflatable SUP is strong and steady enough to take a passenger or dog without the threat of rips and tears. Great for beginners and occasional users, inflatable paddleboards are an affordable and convenient way to take to the water without forcing you to make a big financial commitment. They have all the benefits of a solid SUP without any of the hassle.

Want to go paddleboarding but don’t want the stress of lugging a massive SUP around with you? Inflatable SUPs are not only affordable, they’re extremely portable too. Excellent for those who love to travel, combine activities, or are simply short on space. Just pop it in a bag and you’re set. Still not sure? Let us break it down for you! Our guide gives you the ultimate lowdown on inflatable paddleboards. Benefits to key features – we have you covered!

Always Think About...

  • The Build Quality of an inflatable paddleboard is an important factor when deciding which is best for you. No matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, you’ll need something thick and robust that’s rigid and stable enough to support your weight. As an inflatable, the strength of the material and quality of the drop-stick is key. You’ll need something tough and hard-wearing (preferably military-grade) that won’t rip or tear. A high PSI and big load capacity is also a good sign.
  • The Shape and Size of an inflatable SUP will often dictate how you will use it in the water. The nose-type, width, and length of the paddleboard will offer either increased speed, maneuverability, or storage space. Whilst all-round paddleboards exist, if you have a specific activity in mind, it’s worth doing your research. Do you need something that can cut through chop? Will you be using it for long trips? Do you want to try tandem paddleboarding? Your own body type and ability will also play a factor in your decision.
  • Which Accessories are included could make all the difference. Whilst most paddleboards come with everything you need to get started, others have some extras that might justify the expensive price tag. Equally, you don’t want to pay through the nose for a kayak conversion kit if you’re never going to use it. So, always try to consider the activity you intend to use it for. Do you need bungee straps and D-mounts? Will you use that GoPro mount or will it sit there idle? Do you need one fin or three?

No matter which inflatable paddleboard you choose, you can be certain that adventure is just around the corner. Perfect for that spontaneous camping trip or unplanned excursion, the compact and portable design ensures you’re ready for anything. Pop it in the trunk, carry it on your back or throw it in with your cabin luggage. Stablewell-balanced and durable – Enjoy all the benefits without any of the cons! What are you waiting for? We’ve picked ten of the best inflatable SUPs to help get you started.

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