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Best Meal Delivery Services

As Of May 2022

Do you wish to avoid the hassle of running to the grocery store and thinking of meals to prepare every day? Are you looking for a convenient way to get food to the table without stress? A meal delivery service is an effortless alternative that can save you money & give you unique, tasteful new dishes to try out!
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Chefs Plate

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4.7 /5

Sign Up & Get 50% Off Your 1st Box

  • Dinner straight to your door - cook in less than 30 minutes!
  • Put together your faves with the free recipe cards
  • Never get bored with repeat meals by picking from 19 new ones weekly, even for vegetarians!
  • Order once & have peace of mind for the whole month
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Hello Fresh

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4.7 /5

Pick a Plan & Win a Total of $80 Off Your First 3 Orders!

  • Enjoy delicious meals without breaking your diet as it has smart & low-cal choices
  • Try out a plant-based diet with its vegan options
  • Get a unique box each week by picking from 28 new recipes
  • Kid-friendly meals that won’t bring any eye-rolling to the table
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Top Choice for Mindful Weight Loss App

  • Add your height & weight and get tailored meal plans to slim down quicker
  • Feel confident with support from expert nutritionists
  • Stay fit by linking your calories fitness tracker to the app
  • Create lasting psychological change for your health & wellness
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4.7 /5

Ideal for Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting

  • All-in-1 solution to track your diet, workouts & water intake
  • Find the right answers for your body with the 60-second quiz
  • Get creative recipes by filtering your preferences in the app
  • No strings attached by testing it out with a 3-month subscription
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Keto Cycle

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4.7 /5

Start With a Personalised Plan at 75% Off

  • Get pro help & fuel your body with the right macronutrients
  • Enjoy tasty recipes while keeping your cholesterol low
  • Boost your well being with personalized 28-day diet plans based on its survey
  • Stride towards your best self with the weight loss predictor

Healthy & Tasty Dishes with the Best Meal Delivery Services

Do you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to prepare meals, go grocery shopping or think of recipes to cook? Do you have to consider your whole family’s unique food preferences and feel stuck on ideas of what’s tomorrow’s dinner? Food is an absolute necessity in our daily lives. We all need that energy to continue working and moving around productively throughout the day. Sure, buying fast food like a pizza or a burger could be a quick solution, but it’s not healthy, and it adds up! 

A much more affordable and nutritious solution is a meal delivery service! Meal delivery services are kits that you can get straight to your door. They bring meal boxes to your home address with fresh produce, including vegetables, meats and more, so that you can prepare your food in as little time as possible. No more grocery runs! 

There are also other subscription options where you can virtually get meal plans delivered to you. Some companies have smartphone apps that you can input your height and weight and your fitness goals and personalize a plan to your liking. You can also track your workouts, water intake and scale victories to engage in a healthier lifestyle.

There are many different types and options to choose from, and most of them are really flexible when it comes to the subscription, so you can give them a try without worrying about it. They cater to all diet types, from those with no restrictions to vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerant people, diabetics and more. Even if you’re worried that your little ones might budge with a dish, there are multiple kid-friendly choices that are suitable for you to enjoy as a family.

Choose the plan you like and how often you want a box delivered, and you’re good to go. Do you prefer to do the cooking? Opt for the diet coaching apps that give you meal ideas to try out independently instead!

What are a few things to consider before subscribing to the service?

  • Type of Service: The kind of service you choose is up to you. The biggest question is, are you actually getting a box with ingredients or a weight loss coaching app with meal plan ideas? Some services offer prepared meals that you can start eating right from the box. On the other hand, some services provide you with meal kit choices with step-by-step recipe instructions to cook on your own. Weight loss apps provide you with custom meal plans that you prepare alone.
  • Food Type: Before picking a service, check to see if it covers your specific dietary restrictions. For example, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, find a service that has some diet-friendly dishes.There are many services that support special dietary requests, so review the available options. If you’re on Keto or Paleo, you might benefit from an app that’s a weight loss meal delivery service.
  • Number of Meals: How many meals per week do you want to have straight to your door? That depends on your lifestyle and how many people live with you. Some services offer as little as 2 meals per week if you just want cook-free weekends or full-week meal delivery (up to 21 recipes).
  • Delivery Locations: Does the service you’re eyeing deliver to your specific location? Before you confirm your subscription, ensure that the meal service delivers anywhere in Canada. Some offer Canada-wide delivery in all provinces and territories, but others will state if they’re province-specific.

Whatever your personal preference may be, there is an excellent selection available in the market. Canada’s best meal delivery services give you top-notch and fresh, local produce kits or meal plan ideas to create stunning and mouth-watering meals that will benefit your health and show you the path to clean eating. Are you ready to elevate your taste buds?

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